Protección de datos

Your interest in our web-site is a great pleasure for us. It is very important to us to protect your privacy and hereafter we inform you about how we are treating all confidential datas given to the company.

Saving of datas through the logfiles server
Visiting our web-sites does not leave any trace of your personal datas, as we only save information through the so called logfiles servers, such as the name of the file you have requested information about, the date and hour you did that the amount of datas you have downloaded and through what provider the request came in. The informations are only used to make sure that our web-sites works perfectly and to improve our offers. We cannot trace down the person how informed himself or herself about our fincas.

Collecting of datas and their use to be able to conclude a contract.
We only collect datas regarding a person in the case that he or her has provided it voluntary, for example while contacting us with our official contact form or placing an order. As there are voluntary fields to be filled out you are in control of what information we should have about you. We will use these given datas only to conclude a renting contract and to reply to your questions. After the complete conclusion of a renting contract your datas will be blocked and later on deleted, once the legal and taxable time has passed by, with the exeption that you yourself have agreed explicitely that we keep your personal file or in some exeptions that might ocurre as you will be informed further down in this document.

Passing on datas fort he fullfillment of a contract with a service company
In the case your are ordering a service from an external company we will have to pass on your personal datas in order to place your order. Depeding on which company for payment you have chosen we will foreward the datas necessary for making the payment in your name to the cretit institute or any other institute for payments or to the service for payment that you have chosen. Sometimes those chosen services for payments provide themselves with these datas, if you already have an account with them. In that case you are obliged to provide them with you codes for acces and the protection of your personal datas will be according to the providers terms and conditions.

Use of the provided information in order to send you our news-letters
According to your agreement we will collect your personal datas from the information sheet we already have or according to the additionally sent information you want to provide us to be able to sent you per e-mail our news-letter. Resigning from the news-letter can be done anytime and a simple e-mail or another message is necessary therefore or you use the possibility to cantact us directly on the news-letter form.

Use of personal datas for publicity by mail and your possibility to refuse it
We keep the right to collect personal datas such as your name(s) and address, your titels and your date of birth on seperate lists in order to send you interesting offers and informations of our products by regular mail. You can allway resign by the above mentionend ways.

Using cookies
We are using on several of our sites so called cookies that enable us to create a more attractive web-site for you and to enable mor funktions on our website. Cookies are little texts that will be placed on your computer. Some of our cookies will be deleted automatically once you have finished the session, meaning after you have closed your browser, other cookies will remain in your computer system and enable us to recognize your browser (so called persistant cookies). But you have the choice to configurate your computer the way that it will allways inform you when cookies are going to be placed and you can refuse if you do not want to happen this in this case or generally. If you do not allow cookies the funktioning of our web-site might not be garantied.

Use of Piwik for web analysis
On this website, the web analysis software Piwik ( collects and stores data from which usage profiles are created using pseudonyms. These usage profiles are used to analyze the visitor behavior and are evaluated for the improvement and appropriate design of our offer. Cookies can be used. These are small text files, which are stored locally on the site visitor ‘s device, thus enabling a re – recognition when visiting our website again. The pseudonymized usage profiles are not combined with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym without an explicit consent to be given separately. Data collection and storage can be countered at any time with effect for the future by following the instructions below.


After your objection, an opt-out cookie is placed on your terminal. If you delete your cookies, you must click the link again.

The right to see all the collected datas of your file and the possibility to contact us
You have the right to see all the data that we have collected about you for free and you have the right to ask us to correct, deleted them if that is required. If that ist he case, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of the above in the impressum mentionned ways.

The privacy statements were created with Trusted Shops Rechtstexter in cooperation with Wilde Beuger Solmecke Rechtsanwälte.