Que es finca raiz en colombia

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Below are the direct links to the properties that are for sale under the modality of colonial houses or houses of the historical center, modern houses, Industrial Warehouses, Urban Lots and Farms. These properties are located in Cartagena de Indias and its areas of influence.

ACR Real Estate in Cartagena, can offer a variety of alternatives located in the main sectors of the city, and through the information provided by the group of consultants or real estate agents at the service of the agency.

Inventory of real estate for sale, available for you to invest, or buy the property that best suits you according to its use: tourist, residential, mixed, commercial or industrial in different areas of the city.

House for Sale in Chia – Vendo Finca Raiz en Colombia

Knowing whether it is convenient or not to invest in real estate in Colombia depends on the sources of financing that are being considered. In addition, it is necessary to look at other macroeconomic factors such as imports and interbank rates, for example, as they have very direct implications on the price of a real estate property.

  Finca raiz eje cafetero

The recent cost overruns due to raw material imports have caused the price of acquiring real estate to increase by 10%. It is noteworthy that in 2021 imports of construction materials increased by 71.1% (Semana, 2022), so, in addition to increasing the volume of imports also increases the cost on them.

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Scraper, finca raiz colombia

Inversiones e Inmobiliaria Finca Raiz S.A.S. es una empresa de Colombia, con sede en Cartagena. La empresa opera en el sector de Arrendadores de Bienes Inmuebles. Fue constituida el 11 de abril de 1997. En la actualidad, Inversiones e Inmobiliaria Finca Raiz S.A.S. cuenta con 3 (2022) empleados. En sus datos financieros más recientes, la empresa informó de un aumento de los ingresos netos por ventas del 2,5% en 2021. En sus activos totales se registró un crecimiento del 9,79%. El margen de beneficio neto de Inversiones e Inmobiliaria Finca Raiz S.A.S. aumentó un 55,27% en 2021.

  Finca raiz com bogota

The evolution of real estate portals

The lot allows a construction index of 50% and 75% by acquiring land for water protection in rural land.  It is rectangular and has 110 M in front x 581 M in depth, ideal for the development of an Industrial Park in the area, the construction license is already in process.

Two weeks after the Minister of Housing, Jonathan Malagon, announced some measures in the payment of leases, the National Government finally issued the general adjustments in the regulation. This is Decree 579, by means of which provisions were made for lease contracts and horizontal property.

Likewise, the premises in shopping centers in strategic locations generated as market niches, as well as premises on the street that are having important growth, are dynamizers of this type of investment.

  Finca raiz barranquilla arriendos

Warehouse for sale in the Medellin Highway, among its advantages we have 4 access docks for tractomulas, one inclined and one level, parking for 4 vehicles, two kitchens, data room, the height is 12 and 14 meters to truss and ridge, 5 tons of floor resistance in warehouse area and is delivered with an electrical load of 50 KVA.

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